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The Impact

#MYCITY has grown above and beyond what the originators could have imagined. We are truly blessed that the time and efforts of everyone involved have touched so many people here locally and worldwide as this movement grows!

See the Impact Below: (Quotes Rotate Every 5 Seconds!)






Kylie Skeens





-beatinessness (YOUTUBE COMMENT)

“i thought tht fort wayne was so boring, but now, i wish to stay here for my whole life.”

-Elizabeth (via orginial #hiphop4thecity website)

“This song is simply amazing. I from Fort Wayne but currently in college in Hawaii. This song gives me so much comfort when I am feeling homesick. And it proved to all my west coast friends that Indiana is not just a corn field:) This song will change lives, I know its changing mine”

-Amy (via original #hiphop4thecity website)

“Congratulations on a wonderful video and a great song! I love the spirit and the enthusiasm, and I’m particularly glad you are all part of the fabric of Fort Wayne. YOU make us a great place to be!!”


“When I first heard the this song it gave me goosebumps and tears in my eyes. Congrats to all of those involved. May GOD bless and may you all prosper! LOVE it and continue to PUT THE CITY ON!!!!!!”


“Wow! I am so proud of this production and the thought/inspiration behind it all. I was born/raised on the southside of Fort Wayne and this makes me homesick. Although I moved away from the Fort in 1990, I am proud of my hometown for reasons like this! Congratulations everyone for a job well done. I pray that your example spreads to every city!”


“I have never felt so proud to be here! Congratulations to EVERYONE involved in this amazing production. This is incredible. Such vision, such pride, THANK YOU!”


I literally cried watchin the #MyCity video!LOVE it!S/O to ALL whose a part of it @aBetterFort @moecheez @NyzzyNyce @KaeProdigy @imB_King


“This song touched me and I love it”


“I’m not from Fort Wayne, i’m from Michigan City, and I just want to say…this is one of the best productions I’ve ever seen. Mad respect for doing it the right way. Clean lyrics, young old black white tall short, everybody makes a city what it is. Definitely gonna be sharing this with people. Good work”

-amERICa1787 (YOUTUBE)

“I’m 46 and left the Fort before you all were born! I’ve always been proud of my Hoosier Heritage and the Fort! God Bless you and I wish you all great success! No profanity, no self-grandizment, just pure poetry and positive message! KEEP IT UP! You are what the future needs!”


“Growing up, I heard so much grousing about how little there is to do in Fort Wayne and how the city has so much untapped creativity. All by people who could never recognize that culture is participatory- if you want it to happen, you have to make it! Let this be a catalyst. Talented as the performers in this video are, they’re also people like us. They just have the drive to make something great.”



Tommy M

Angela (via #hiphop4thecity original website)

“I am going to be a bit revealing. I am a 40 year old white lesbian. I struggle with living in Fort Wayne. Been encouraged for years to move to the coast,……where I can be treated normal. I tell them that would be easy. The hard work is to STAY. This is my city! This is where I’m from. We have much repressed culture and talent. We don’t talk to each other!! We are a fractured city with great gaps between groups. I want to be a bridge builder in our community. Please share with all involved, your message reached me, touched me in a time when frustration was high, and made me cry years of pride! It’s time to put this city on!!!! Thank you!”


Dan Kelly (via #hiphop4thecity original website)

“I’ll bet I’ve watched this Video 500 times and I love it! Alex and the others have done something very special. This tyoe of colaboration is what should be sent to CBS, NBC, 20/20 or something where it will get National coverage. “It is that good”!!!!!!!!!

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